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The Importance of Reporting Bathroom Incidents Through the Tsekmo App


The Tsekmo app is a crucial tool in addressing the rising concerns of vandalism, drug abuse, and the opioid epidemic occurring in public restrooms across the United States. This research report will analyze statistics related to these issues and their impact on communities nationwide.

Statistics on Vandalism, Drug Abuse, and the Opioid Epidemic in Public Restrooms

Underlying Reasons Behind the Bathroom Shortage Crisis

The bathroom shortage crisis can be attributed to several factors:

These factors contribute to a lack of clean and safe restrooms, which adversely impacts individuals with medical needs, such as those with urinary and fecal incontinence. The limited availability of public restrooms forces individuals to seek unsuitable locations, potentially exposing them to hazardous materials and needles that may lead to life-threatening diseases.

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The Importance of the Tsekmo App in Reporting Vandalism and Drug Activities in Bathrooms

Having an app like Tsekmo enables ordinary people to report vandalism and drug activities in restrooms easily. Key benefits of the Tsekmo app include:

Market Research Analysis Collected via Tsekmo

The data collected through the Tsekmo app can provide valuable insights into:

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The Tsekmo app is essential in addressing the growing concerns of vandalism, drug abuse, and the opioid epidemic in public restrooms. By providing a safe and anonymous platform for reporting incidents, the app empowers communities to take action against these issues and work towards creating safer and cleaner public spaces for everyone. The rich data collected through the app can also inform targeted interventions and policies to address the root causes of these problems.